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Californians climate Is expected to become considerably warmer Related Essays. These strategies lead to wast inclination in demand and consumption. He does not know what harsh effects, of using too much oil and the emission of carbon, might take place if his business continues.

Even if he'd personally be OK with it, it's still a travesty when turbines keep popping up in wild or bucolic landscapes, or can be easily seen from wilderness peaks and beaches.

Like it or not, the anti-wind farmers are assuming the underdog-protest cachet. As mentioned in the film, airplanes are one of the largest machines that emit carbon in the atmosphere. The American is a retired oil worker who lives in New Orleans and whose home is devastated in Hurricane Katrina where he stays behind instead of following evacuation orders.

The closing section is good, though there is no strong call to action, which their NotStupid. Which holidays, music, and other cultural traditions do you celebrate with your family? Another effect of climate change that is happening all over the world is the abnormalities and ruthless natural disasters.

I found out about things at my own pace when my friends did and we all got along to it around about the same time. Maybe that was the whole point. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Wind power seems like a classic Faustian bargain, and its emphasis spoiled this film for me.

The Age of the Age of Stupid

Armstrong's wide-ranging film pulls together a disparate collection of witnesses, including a robustly unrepentant oil executive in New Orleans, who is nonetheless shown becoming reflective after Katrina destroyed everything he owned - seeing how political incompetence and inaction can usher in disaster.

The story about the Mont Blanc guide who laments vanishing glaciers was the high point for me. It also further puts demands on the economy to produce oil, which is very expensive and dangerous to manufacture. This is likely because the segments were done in Britain, which has minimal sunshine, but you can still generate solar power on cloudy days; just less of it.

Ask any child psychologist. Piers Guy the aforementioned wind developer only had one small turbine on his farm. They buy a campground in rural Minnesota to raise their children in a better environment.


The dramatisation approach to Business Ethics films are easier-going to watch in a sense, though of course the credibility of the message can get subsumed in the dramatic action. The emergence of consumerism caused them to produce and produce more products. I didn't need anyone to show me either I figured it out well enough on my own.

We did not save ourselves when we have the chance before because we are not sure if it is worth saving.

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They are continuously exploited even though we know that they are not renewed easily.Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk: How We Defeat Ourselves by the Way We Talk and What to Do About It [Neil Postman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A guide to recognizing and correcting or eradicating confused, inappropriate, and inarticulate speech and unreasonable or maliciously intended speech.

The Age of Stupid is directed by Franny Armstrong and truly is a film which reaches parts you had forgotten you had. It stars Pete Postlethwaite (seems every film needs a celebrity, but then he is a brilliant actor) as an archivist living alone in in a world decimated by climate change.

The Age of Stupid is a British documentary film by Franny Armstrong, director of McLibel () and Drowned Out (), and founder ofand first-time producer Lizzie executive producer is John Battsek, producer of One Day in September ().

The film is a drama-documentary-animation hybrid which stars Pete.


A Futile and Stupid Gesture, adapted from Josh Karp’s book about the rise and fall of legendary comedy outfit National Lampoon, above all else can’t be faulted for its affectionate. Write a Review. The Age of Stupid.

The Age of Stupid

Film. Add Photo. Foothill Blvd Hayward, CA Century Theatre. Foothill Blvd Hayward, CA Monday, Sep 21, pm Add to Calendar. The Age of Stupid was number one at the box office in the U.K. this spring, and this one-night event is poised to break the Guinness World Record for Start Date: Sep 21, The Age of Stupid imagines the world indevastated by the disastrous effects of climate change.

Humanity's sole survivor takes refuge in an Arctic storage facility, compiling archive footage from to discover what went wrong.

Age of stupid review
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