Defining the rationality behind terrorism

David Metz - Edited by: According to research conducted by experimental social psychologists, minorities attempt to gain influence by persuading majority members to consider their point of view.

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Psychological roots, consequiences and interventions. This paper will discuss only two aspects of the concept of human rationality for a broader review see De la Corte, This objection does not, however, preclude the entry into force of the Convention between the United States and Jordan.

Classifying these sources is difficult because terrorism is usually promoted by minorities and the perspective of terrorists often involves a severe distortion of social reality.

Cornell University, Western Societies Paper num. Terrorism in Northern Ireland. Consequently, people suffering from deprivation more frequently turn to terrorist organizations.

The idea is best describe by a well-known anarchist saying which defines terrorism as "propaganda by the fact". At a minimum, there are three approaches to studying terrorism: Often, terrorist organisations utilize an advertising technique similar to propaganda campaigns when promoting their cause.

Aronson coined the term "retrospective rationality" to design this tendency which has been demonstrated by several experiments.

It stirs up immense emotions and reactions "because it combines so many aspects of the human experience — psychology, philosophy, military strategy, religion at least in some cases and history" to name a few.

Van Dijk, T In any case, there is no doubt that the activities and lifestyles developed inside terrorist organisation shape the mentality of its members, intensifying their commitment to such organisations, and preparing them to engage in criminal activities.

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However, most of the studies that have analyzed the relationship among those sociological variables and terrorist campaigns are inconclusive Crenshaw, ; Laqueur, ; Reinares, ; De la Corte, ; Newman, The structure of any organisation is equivalent to the formal pattern of social relations that are established among their members depending on certain roles and norms.

Furthermore, terrorists are frequently subject to strong discipline. The Liberal State Response. This body of laws does not include the provisions of the Protocols Additional to the Geneva Convention of to which the State of Israel is not a party.

Beliefs which legitimize political violence against the innocent. Elementos psicosociales en la conducta de voto nacionalista. Previously, some researches suggested that the process of joining a terrorist group was heavily influenced by the prevailing political and social environment shared by friends and relatives.

The accession of the Republic of Yemen to this Convention shall in no way signify recognition of Israel or entry into any relations with it.Irrational Rationality of Terrorism - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Behind Islamic Terrorism in Myanmar suicide bomber as a result of her attack—whether premeditated or accidental—is not a sole variable in defining the overall rationality of the act.

then there is no political motivation as a.

Finally, the scientific literature shows that, if individual actors' rationality tends to be limited and imperfect, the rationality of collective actors (groups, organisations, social movements, institutions, etc.) becomes even more problematic.

Information for Readers and Authors Readers: No registration is required and access is free. These terrorists are what some social psychologists define as "active minorities" (Moscovici, Mugny and Perez, ; Moscovici, ).

every terrorist campaign involves strategic goals but the rationality which terrorists apply to their violence. Many associate terrorism with irrational behavior and believe only lunatics could perpetuate such horrific acts.

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Global Alert debunks this myth by anatomizing the rationale behind modern terrorism. It draws a distinct picture of its root and instrumental causes and plots the different stages of a terrorist attack, from indoctrination and recruitment to planning, preparation, and launch.

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In this article we will analyse the rationality behind this kind of terrorist attacks. The author of this article is Lorenzo Alberini, a master student in International Security and. Global Alert.

The Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism and the Challenge to the Liberal Democratic World. Boaz Ganor. Columbia University Press.

Defining the rationality behind terrorism
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