Evolutionary explanations for human aggression essay

Linked to this, we need to understand that Making A level psychology easier Evolutionary explanations of human aggression Jealousy and infidelity How can evolutionary pressures and natural selection explain human aggression? A third cause could be sexual jealousy. These studies consistently found lower levels of serotonin but no significant difference in dopamine levels.

Few studies, however, have examined the reproductively relevant cues conveyed by faces and bodies as whole units. By accepting this view we have a clearer indication as to why gender differences exist in the behaviours of men and women.

Men also tended to use emotional manipulation as a mate retention technique.

Discuss Evolutionary Explanations of Human Aggression Essay Sample

Individuals are more likely to under-report undesirable behaviour such as aggression and over-report desirable behaviour leading to invalid findings. Testosterone has been shown to correlate with the level of aggression displayed by humans and animals.

The use of amphetamines increases dopamine activity and it has also been found to increases in aggressive behaviour. As a response, selection favours the development of deceptive strategies such as concealment of homicidal intent from victims to avoid activating their homicidal defences.


These findings were also supported by similar studies involving different species fo animals and so it is not solely specific to mice. Supported by various findings in non-human animals. Discuss the alternative argument to the accidental nature of uxoricide and state why it may be an intentional act.

Using a questionnaire could lead to social-desirability bias and in particular is more likely with sensitive topics such as aggression. You will still be able to use the same pieces of information, but how you use them may vary. It could be argued that although a positive correlation was found, it was extremely weak and so we cannot draw any conclusions from it.

Aggression in men has an adaptive value.


Illustrate the link between male jealousy, mate retention and violence using research studies e. If a man is asked to complete a questionnaire asking how violent he is towards his partner, then it is most likely that he will distort the truth due to his desire to appear more socially desirable than he actually is social desirability bias.

This is supported by Takehashi who showed neural responses in men and women in reaction to scenes depicting sexual jealousy. Results for women were similar.

Instead, we have to do a cost-benefit analysis, in that is the potential harm done to the animals worth the benefit to humans of increased knowledge.

This is because the evolutionary explanation says we have little or no control over our behaviour, rather we are being controlled by biological factors.

Female victims of partner rap are likely to have engaged in extra-marital sex Shields et al. Experiment had a well-defined way of coding the behavioural responses of the children to a measurable outcome. One cause of aggression could be a lack of resources.

Even though status is largely irrelevant for survival nowadays, it is an evolved behaviour that is passed on genetically. However, the evolved homicide module theory explains this by pointing out that a partner's infidelity carries a double loss for a male.

Although the link between dopamine and aggression is not as well established, there is evidence to suggest such a link exists. For example, cingulated gyrus is linked to fear-induced aggression in monkeys, but to irritability in cats and dogs, creating problems in trying to generalise in humans and to identify aggression.

A Level exam tips Answering exam questions PSYA3 AQA A specification Outline and evaluate research into sexual jealousy as a cause of human aggression 24 marks 8 AO1 marks come from outlining the evolutionary debate in terms of men never being able to be certain that they are the father of a child, and needing to ensure that they are not subject to cuckoldry.

This includes direct guarding, in which a male is especially vigilant to their mate in order to restrict her sexual autonomy. Limitations- evolutionary approach fails to explain why individuals might react in different ways when faced with same adaptive problem: The debate about the value of evolutionary psychology is a very fierce on in the subject at the moment, and some serious questions have been raised about a lot of the research and conclusions ade by the discipline.

Discuss Evolutionary Explanations of Human Aggression Essay Sample

Research has supported the relationship between male retention strategies and violence. Sexual jealousy is a further motivator in male-male homicide. Within the 20 images were 7 pairs where one was infectious or harmful to the immune system and the other was similar but non-infectious.

A loss of status could have had catastrophic results on reproductive potential and resources.

Also there are inconsistent findings which is a disadvantage of this explanation.Discuss evolutionary explanations of human aggression (8marks + 16 marks) Aggression is a behaviour directed towards another intended to harm or injure. Evolutionary theories of aggression explain that aggression is an adaptive response in terms of the individual’s survival and pro-creation, which creates a drive within a person to be aggressive.

EVOLUTIONARY THEORY IN ANTHROPOLOGY: PROVIDING ULTIMATE EXPLANATIONS FOR HUMAN BEHAVIOR Kyle Gibson This short essay will elucidate one of the main benefits o/using an evolutionary approach when. May 21,  · Discuss evolutionary explanations of human aggression, including infidelity and/or jealousy.

(8marks + 16 marks) Evolutionary explanations of aggression are an adaptive response to ensure the genes are passed onto their offspring. Discuss Evolutionary Explanations of Human Aggression (8+16) The evolutionary explanation to aggression suggests that aggression is an evolved adaptation designed to enhance reproductive fitness (survival and passing along genes).

The evolutionary explanation of human aggression suggests that aggression serves as an important function in terms of the individual’s survival as well as its potential to procreate. Newman et al discovered genes that are linked to aggression in Macaque monkeys and this gene has been present in them for at least 25 million years and so for that gene to.

Evolutionary psychologists attempt to understand human behavior by studying the role of evolutionary pressures on modern humans. One of the most interesting areas of study for evolutionary psychologists is human aggression.

According to Live Science, humans are one of .

Evolutionary explanations for human aggression essay
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