Hedging currency risks at aifs excel

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Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS

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Madesco Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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FX RISK HEDGING AT EADS Case Solution & Answer

A by Mary E.Hedging Currency Risk at AIFS. In this case we recall that AIFS projected company cost was $ per euro.

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AIFS paid $1, to obtain this option which they will not exercise, and will buy the euro on the open market instead. AIFS incurred a cost of $1, when they purchased this option.5/5(8).

Thus based on the two risks currency option would be the best hedging program. Additionally, if considering exchange rate fluctuation that determines the bottom-line risk, currency option is the best program to choose because the AIFS has the option to either opt out or obligate the contract depending on the prevailing market exchange rate.

Hedging Currency Risk at AIFS: Assignment questions: Q.

The case has two objectives. First, some of the material cannot

What gives rise to the currency exposure at AIFS? A. AIFS is a company that specializes in providing 5/5(8). AIFS uses two different pricing decisions for the College and High School Travel divisions Both programs take into account their cost base, competitive pricing and the hedging activities The College division worked from July 1 to June 30, or the academic planning year.

AIFS sets guaranteed prices for its exchanges and tours a year in advance, before its final sales figures are known. The controllers need to ensure that the company adequately hedges its foreign exchange exposure and achieves an appropriate balance between forward contracts and currency options.

Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS Case Solution

Financial Modeling with Excel (Nationwide Competition) Golden Future, Financial Services Committee(CMA) Gabriel F. Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS.

November – November Title: Quantitative Researcher.

Hedging currency risks at aifs excel
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