Political legal and social factors

Understand government-business trade relations and how political and legal factors impact international business. This will lead to high consumer confidence and targeted sales for businesses like BAE.

McDonald’s PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations

As soon as growth increases dramatically and above a stable trend rate, inflation hits hard and businesses and consumers then lose confidence and have less demand as they did before.

This is beneficial to the company. One of the aims of the government for the economy is to generate stable growth. While the government still remains the dominant force by controlling more than a third of the economy, more private businesses have emerged.

So the governing of competition certainly applies to organisations like Oxfam. So businesses like BAE systems will then be provided with individuals who are skilful and qualified to work because they want to have a successful career.

China has successfully combined state intervention with private investment to develop a robust, market-driven economy—all within a communist form of government. Religious law Also known as theocratic law; this legal system is based on religious guidelines. Changes in regulation Governments could alter their rules and regulations.

However, history demonstrates that, for some industries, global firms have chosen to do business with countries whose governments control that industry. All businesses are encouraged to produce their services and products in an environmentally friendly way. Nonetheless, the company has the opportunity to grow through expansion in high-growth developing markets, such as in Asia.

In the past 10 years the UK has been in an unstable state with the recession. Taxation is therefore an important political factor that Oxfam have to be aware of. Mitigation of risk Impact on economy The political situation of a country affects its economic setting.

Therefore it may not be the case the population will decrease just that less babies are born each year due to the success and increase of the fertility rate.

An evaluation of how future changes in economic, political, legal and social factors may impact on the strategy of a specified organisation D2. A Political factors — how is political stability important, what government support is available, how does taxation affect them, how is infrastructure important, does the education system help them, are they affected by membership of the EU?

It might seem straightforward to assume that businesses prefer to operate only in democratic, capitalist countries where there is little or no government involvement or intervention.

Marriage certainly has decreased and has resulted in many single person households containing those who have a driven mind-set to work. Two additional religious law systems are the Jewish Halacha and the Christian Canon system, neither of which is practiced at the national level in a country.

Political, legal and social factors Essay Sample

Attitudes to work have changed so more hours are put in by employees. Today a lot of celebrities help promote organisations like Oxfam to primarily help those in need but also to gain a good image for their fans with the hope they will do the same.

Therefore any political commitments relating to such activities benefits BAE systems.China's Environmental Challenge: Political, Social and Economic Implications grasslands, and mineral resources" are among "four factors in social instability." the intervention of external.

Political, Legal, and Social Factors Impacting Business Words | 15 Pages. P6 & M3: Political, legal and social factors impacting the business There is a range of influences that can affect the business in the business environment.

Political, Legal and Social factors impacting two businesses Words | 9 Pages. Political, legal and social factors impacting LLC and IAG The following report will consist of some of the social, political and legal factors that could potentially affect Leeds City College and International Airlines Group as a.

Political, legal and social factors 1. Unit 1 P6 Lewis Appleton 1 Miss Johnston INTRODUCTION In this assignment I am going to describe the impressions that the political, legal and social factorshave on my selected organisations and the stakeholders within. POLITICAL FACTORS The political factorthat affectsTescothe most is the taxation.

Political, Legal, and Social Factors Impacting Business Words | 15 Pages. P6 & M3: Political, legal and social factors impacting the business There is a range of influences that can affect the business in the business environment.

Usually these influences cannot be controlled by the business itself. PEST analysis (political, economic, Social factors include the cultural aspects and health consciousness, population growth rate, age distribution, career attitudes and emphasis on safety.

High trends in social factors affect the demand for a company's products and how that company operates. Legal factors include discrimination law.

Political legal and social factors
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