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Try again later, or search near a city, place, or address instead. What would have happened to his body? Using the Biblical date for the Exodus when applied to the Julian calendar indicates that search should be made first for this kind of indirect evidence around the middle of the 15th century BC.

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If it works, great! Managed a staff of writers, both locally and remotely. The second problem has to do with accession date s of Amenhotep II. There was his extraordinary hatred for Semites expressed, strangely, in Nubia toward the end of his reign. He was not in line for it since he was not the crown prince at the time.

The high chronology is the older chronology advocated by L. If the king of the first campaign died at the time of the Exodus, then the king of the new first campaign and the second campaign should be a new king who also took the same nomen and prenomen of Amenhotep II.

Events are commonly telescoped in tomb biographies more than they are in the royal annals. The first was the Pharaoh of the Exodus who died in the Reed Sea and the second, buried here, took his place and used the same name.

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Created purchasing standards and vendors contracts. However, these compensations do not successfully close the gap between and In fact, these two pairs of stelae are probably the main reason why such a coregency has been suggested. Also there are some interesting features to this mummy. The kind of problem was even more acute for the Egyptians than for the Assyrians and Babylonians.

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There is a possibility that the body of the Pharaoh of the Exodus was recovered from the Sea of Reeds and that body has been found among the royal mummies of the 18th Dynasty. We still do not know who the Pharaoh of the Exodus was. Then his majesty appeared in a chariot like Montu [the god of war] in his power.

If not, read on for more instructions. The text goes on to tell how the king slew seven hostage chieftains that he had brought back to Egypt from Takhsi in Syria and then hung their heads or bodies and hands on his royal ship as it sailed south to Thebes.

Amenhotep II as Pharaoh of the Exodus

This still means that he probably had an older brother who died in the tenth plague, but his coming to the throne had more to do with the death of his uncle.

There still are modern advocates of the high chronology. On the positive side, other works are coming out which have provided a closer attention to Egyptian archaeology and socio-cultural history, as findings from those fields present a background for the book of Exodus and the events that it describes.

Propp in the Anchor Bible Series, Exodus 1—18 When the tabernacle equipment was stored in the newly built Temple in Jerusalem, the records from Shiloh would have been brought there, and could have served as the basis for these calculations.

Every small donation helps us develop and publish great articles. The use shea writing and training solutions this evidence to date the Biblical Exodus is complicated, however, by the use of the same name of Ramesses for the land to which the Patriarchs came centuries earlier Gn Conducted interviews with subject matter experts SMEs ; produced operating and technical procedures, ranging from health and safety documents to commissioning documents.

There is a free floating royal mummy of the 18th Dynasty that has not yet been identified and this mummy is that of a king who was about the right age at death for what we have proposed for Amenhotep IIA.

Thus a precise chronology may call for a precision that is not yet available to us from these ancient texts. The campaign of Year 7 was aimed at Syria. The same precision is encountered with the completion date for the Temple in the 11th year of Solomon, in the month of Bul.

Try using Current Location search again. These have been calculated for the 12th Dynasty, the 18th Dynasty and the 19th Dynasty. The question then is, how well does this date fit with Egyptian chronology and history? Recommended Resources for Further Study. In addition, the mummy that is labeled as that of Thutmose III does not fit well with his dates according to x-ray.

The idea here is that the campaign of Year 3 occurred during the short coregency and the campaign of Year 7 occurred after Amenhotep II became sole ruler.

There was his need for a new supply of manpower for state building projects and this need was filled by the 90, or more captives that he brought back to Egypt from his campaigns of Years 7 and 9.About: Shea Technical Writing and Training Solutions have been in business sinceand we offer a wide array of services including: * Technical writing workshops * Developing, editing, and formatting standards & procedures, Reviews: 0.

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